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No. 928 Xikang Rd, Jing'An District
Shanghai, 200040
PR China

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Meet the Team

Management Team

John L'Epagniol (B.Sc, Ind Des)
Managing Director
20 years in China
Founded Goldhawk in 2001

Isabel Xiong (B Comm)
Director of Operations
14 years in trade and procurement
Joined Goldhawk in 2007

Joel Aldridge (MBA, M.Eng)
Director Business Development
22 years in China
Joined Goldhawk in 2012

Josey Liu (B Acc)
Finance/Admin Manager
15 years in accounting and finance
Joined Goldhawk in 2002

William Dong (B Eng, CQE, CQA)
Quality Assurance Manager
23 years in QA and production
Joined Goldhawk in 2013

Case Managers

Lina Xu (B Eng)

Tina Zhu (B Mgt)

Minnie Li (B Eng)

Bonnie Sun (B Eng)